Run Script

Runs Javascript in the current page


  • Any variable that begins with $ is automatically exported for use in other commands

    • e.g. const $meow = 3

  • Variables are serialized as JSON and thus support the following data types:

    • Primitives (number, string, boolean)

    • Arrays

    • JSON objects


Replacing Text

// Assume variable $numberOfComments has the value "12 comments"
// You want to extract just the numerical count

$numberOfComments = $numberOfComments.replace(" comments", "");

// $numberOfComments is now "12"

Splitting Text

// Assume variable $location has the value "San Francisco, CA"
// You want to split up the city and the state

const [$city, $state] = $location.split(", ");

// $city is "San Francisco", $state is "CA"

Extracting Page HTML

const $html = document.documentElement.outerHTML;

Execution context

The code is executed in the context of the current page which means that the page's DOM is accessible

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