Upload File

Upload file to a <input type="file"> element


  • Selector for the <input type="file"> element

File path

  • Absolute path to the file

    • Example

      • macOS: /Users/dkthehuman/Downloads/profile.png

      • Windows: C:\Documents\Newsletters\Summer2018.pdf

    • If uploading a file that was downloaded earlier in the flow from a Click or Save File command, pass in the variable set from the "Store downloaded file path in variable" field


In order to use this command, you need to allow Browserflow to access files:

  1. Open chrome://extensions/

  2. Click "Details" for Browserflow

  3. Enable "Allow access to file URLs"


Browserflow does not yet support uploading files into <input> elements inside iframes

Finding the file upload element

On many sites, the file upload element is hidden, which means that it's not possible to select it using the "Select" button. In these cases, you can use Recording Mode to have Browserflow detect the correct file upload element.

  1. Upload a file as you normally would

  2. Stop recording

  3. Clean up the recorded actions

    • If you clicked on a button to trigger the file selector, you can remove the Click command as it's not needed when using the Upload File command

    • Enter the absolute path for the file you'd like to upload (Browserflow cannot detect this automatically while recording)

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