Running a flow
While a flow is running, do not manually interact with the page (click, scroll, etc.) or the flow will likely break
Flows must run in the active tab of a window. If you'd like to browse while running a flow in the background, create a new window.
There are two ways to run a flow:
    Using the editor
    Using the launcher


The Browserflow editor can be opened by clicking the extension icon or pressing the keyboard shortcut on any page.
Once the editor is open, a flow can be run by:
    Clicking the play button next to a flow's name (flow list screen)
    Clicking the Run button (flow screen)


The launcher allows you to quickly run flows from any page without opening the editor.
In any page (except for pages with URLs that start with chrome://) press the keyboard shortcut to trigger the launcher and select a flow to run it:
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