Make HTTP Request

Makes an HTTP request


  • URL to send the HTTP request


  • HTTP method (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, or DELETE)

Query string

  • Query string to be added to the URL (e.g.


  • HTTP headers

    • Note: The Content-Type header is set automatically if the Body Type is JSON or Form

Body type

  • Type of the request body

    • None

      • Request has no body

    • JSON

      • You can either put in a literal JSON object or use JSON.stringify in a Run Script command to generate the JSON

      • The Content-Type header is automatically set to application/json

    • Form

      • The Content-Type header is automatically set to application/x-www-form-urlencoded

    • Raw

      • The Content-Type header is NOT automatically set and must be added to the Headers field

Body (applicable if Body Type is not None)

  • Request body

Variable to assign response

  • Name of the variable to store the response

    • The response is a plain object with three properties:

      • status: The status of the response

      • headers: The headers of the response

      • data: The body of the response

    • Tip: When building a flow that uses Make HTTP Request, use the Variables tab in the console to inspect the HTTP response

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