Press Key

Presses a key or a combination of keys


  • Name of key to press, such as ArrowLeft. See USKeyboardLayout for a list of all key names.

  • Use the "Detect" button to have Browserflow detect and complete any key combination

Wait for new page to load

  • If the key press will trigger a URL change (e.g. pressing Enter to submit a form), select this option to wait for the new page to load before proceeding

Press Key vs. Click

If you have the choice between pressing a key or clicking to perform an action (e.g. pressing Tab to select an element or clicking on it), go with using Click as it will properly wait for elements to load and therefore be more reliable compared to Press Key, which may press the key before the page can process it.

OS-Level Keyboard Shortcuts

Note that OS-level shortcuts (e.g. Command + V to paste on Mac OS) won't work because these key presses are simulated at the browser level, not at the OS level (see puppeteer#313 for a longer explanation)

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