Add Spreadsheet Row

Writes a row to Google Sheets

Note: Writes to Google Sheets are batched and will occur every 5 minutes and when the flow finishes, not when the command runs


  • Google Sheet to write to


  • Values of the output row

    • Each field represents a separate column

Viewing the output

The output of Add Spreadsheet Row can be seen in the Output tab of the console.

Exporting the output

There are two ways to export the output:

  • Writing to a Google Sheet

  • Click the "Download CSV" button in the Output tab of the console

Avoiding Overwriting Rows

When Browserflow sends rows to Google Sheets to be appended, Google Sheets uses the first column of the sheet to determine where to add the rows. Please note that if the first column is empty, Google Sheets will overwrite existing rows rather than appending new rows. You can fix this by reordering the columns so that when a row is populated, the first column for that row has a value.

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